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Readers Respond: Favorite Cleveland Holiday Memory

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From the Sterling-Lindner Christmas tree to afternoons at Halle's Department Store with Mr. Jingeling, most northeast Ohio residents have a particularly fond holiday memory. Share yours with About.com Cleveland readers. Share your Memory

Judith mcaloon

When I was young in the mid 60's we would take the rapid train from 150th station to public square and watch the parade, sitting o newspapers on the curb. Then we would take a yellow cab to sterlinds to see the x-as tree, wow! That was the highlight! Then on to playhouse square to dinner at to stouffers restaurant for dinner. Great times, great town!
—Guest Judith buckholz

Mr. Jingeling

Last year, our family returned to Cuyahoga Falls from Berlin for the Holidays. I was surprised and very pleased to learn Mr. Jingeling was at Stan Hywet Hall, so I took my wife Silke and son Teddy to out to meet him (and visit Stan Hywet, of course). Trying to be witty, I said "Why Mr. Jingeling, I haven't seen you in 50 years." He smiled and replied "Really, it seems like just yesterday." And indeed it was.
—Guest Bryan Van Sweringen


My favorite recent Christmas memory was of the wonderful hanging displays that hung for so many years from the ceiling of the Tower City Atrium. I have never received any answer about why they could not be repaired and used for Christmas. Tower City is not the same without them.
—Guest Soleil

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Favorite Cleveland Holiday Memory

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