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Readers Respond: Where to take your pet

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Choosing a veterinarian can be tricky. After all, your don't want to trust your precious furry ones to just anyone. Help us build our data base of quality, caring Cleveland area vets for our readers. Share your favorite vet


- Thanks for stopping by Doris. I'm happy to rerpot the little orange kitty is improving. He's still small (under 2 lbs) but is gradually gaining weight and hasn't been vomiting. The staff at the clinic has been taking great care of him. I remember when Hoppy was having his challenges. It's amazing how resilient these little critters can be! Enjoy the cooler NC mountain weather! We're firmly in the grip of the Florida summer heat and humidity.June 9, 2010 9:49 am
—Guest WMKOuxVY

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Where to take your pet

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