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Chateau Louise in Luna Pier, Michigan

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Turtle Soup

Turtle Soup

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Entering Chateau Louise in Luna Pier, Michigan, just 6 miles outside of Toledo, for the first time came as a bit of a surprise. The food comes highly recommended, but the atmosphere is lacking. Once you get passed the ripped leather chairs and crowded dining room, however, the service is very friendly and the food homemade and fresh.

Appetizers, Salads, and Soup

With eight starters from which to choose, there is something for everyone at Chateau Louise. We opted for the hand-cut and battered onion rings with enough to serve two. Other items on the menu include fried mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, oysters and clams.

Chateau also offers a chef salad in addition to the dinner salad with homemade thousand island and blue cheese dressings.

Soup is available at Chateau with dinners or as a starter item. On this particular trip, onion soup was the soup of the day, but homemade turtle soup is a regular item on the menu and is not included with dinner. We sampled the turtle soup for dinner for the first time and were surprised that the flavor of the turtle meat stood out even with the variety of vegetables used in the recipe.

Sandwiches and Burgers

Seafood Dinner

Seafood Dinner

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Chateau Louise serves a very popular perch sandwich, but also has an open-face steak, veal, and ham sandwich available. I have heard that the burgers at Chateau are worth waiting for - at one pound of beef each all in one patty, they take an hour to prepare.


While seafood is what Chateau is best known for, they also offer a variety of steaks and steak/seafood combos. Porterhouse, T-bone, New Yorker, and filet mignon are offered alone or as a surf and turf or dinner for two.

Chateau serves a large selection of fresh seafood which is why many flock to the lakeside restaurant each day. Shrimp, pickerel, scallops, frog legs, lobster, perch, oysters, and clams are all offered as complete dinners. Many of the options also come in platters as house specials.

House Specials
The best ways to enjoy the items on Chateau Louise’s menu are on a platter. The seafood platter includes shrimp, perch, scallops, and frog legs which is the meal I chose to sample, with their homemade hash browns and coleslaw, which were both wonderful. The Chateau platter offers the same seafood items with the addition of a petite sirloin steak. All of the seafood items at Chateau come battered and fried. It's the only option. This trip was the first time we experienced frog legs, and no, they do not taste like chicken. The frog legs had a unique flavor that was a bit gamey and the texture was more like a scallop than chicken.

Additional house specials include jumbo shrimp, fresh veal cutlets and fried chicken. The chicken dinner was the second meal we chose with the dinner salad and baked potato; while the meal was good, none of the items were as appetizing as the others we sampled.

(Dinners at Chateau come with soup, salad, a choice of potato, bread, relish plate and coffee)

Drinks and Dessert

Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

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Chateau Louise offers a large selection of alcoholic and specialty drinks as well as juice, coffee, milk, and soft drinks. A full bar attached to the dining room provides a number of beers, wines (house, aperitif, dessert, red, white, and sparkling) as well as eight coffee-based specialty drinks.

For dessert, Chateau serves several homemade pies and ice cream. On this night we chose the peanut butter pie which is ice cream-based. While rich, the pie was balanced in flavors with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolate, and was the perfect ending to a great dinner.

Chateau Louise is open for lunch and dinner and also offers a small children’s menu.

Chateau Louise
4320 Luna Pier Road
Luna Pier, Michigan
734 848-4758

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