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Cedar Point Roller Coasters


Cedar Point, located in north-central Ohio, is home to 18 roller coasters that range from classic wooden coasters to inverted coasters to the latest in coaster technology.


(courtesy of Cedar Fair)
New for 2013 is the Gatekeeper, on track to be the longest winged roller coaster on the planet (at 4,164 feet) and have the longest vertical drop (at 164 feet). The coaster will be located at the entrance of Cedar Point and is sure to be one of the park's new focal points. Gatekeeper will be able to accommodate up to 1,710 passengers per hour and reach speeds of up to 67 mph on its two minute, 40 second run.

To see the progress of the Gatekeeper construction, visit the Cedar Point Gatekeeper Web cam.

Blue Streak

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The Blue Streak is Cedar Point's oldest roller coaster. Built in 1964, this classic wooden coaster gives riders the traditional "out and back" ride. The Blue Streak is 78' high at its tallest point and 2581' long. The ride lasts one minute and 45 seconds, and travels up to 45 mph.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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Located in Cedar Point's Frontiertown section, Cedar Creek Mine Ride is the park's second oldest coaster. Opened in 1969, this ride has two lift hills, the tallest of which is 55' high. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is 2540' long, lasts two minutes, and reaches speeds of up to 40 mph.


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WildCat, which opened in 1970, is a 50' high, 1837' long, figure-eight romp at speeds up to 40 mph. This ride, the second at Cedar Point to bear this name, lasts one minute and 25 seconds.


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The Corkscrew, which debuted in 1976, is a looping roller coaster with three inversions. It was the first such coaster to have a walkway underneath it. The Corkscrew is 85' high at its tallest point and is 2050' long. The ride lasts two minutes.


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The Gemini at Cedar Point is a wood and steel-constructed racing coaster. Two side-by-side cars "race" down the 125' high initial hill and around the curves on this 3935' long ride. When it was built in 1978, this coaster set both height and speed records. The 2 minute, 20 second ride reaches speeds of up to 60 mph.

Jr. Gemini

This smaller version of the Gemini coaster is designed for children and those who are smaller than the 48" required to ride the Gemini. The Jr. Gemini, located across the midway from its big brother, only requires that you be 36" tall but no taller than 54" or accompanied by a child. The 443' steel coaster, which opened in 1979, climbs to 19' and travels at 6 mph.

Disaster Transport

This enclosed bobsled-style coaster first opened in 1985 as Avalanche Run, an outdoor coaster. Today, riders travel the 1932' u-shaped track in 10-passenger bobsled cars in near darkness. Disaster Transport is 63' high with a 50' drop, travels up to 40mph, and lasts two minutes.

Iron Dragon

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Cedar Point's Iron Dragon coaster, which opened in 1987, is a steel coaster where riders are suspended in cars that hang from a steel track. The 2800' coaster reaches speeds of 35 mph and climbs to 76' in its two-minute run.

Magnum XL-200

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Magnum XL-200, built in 1989, is a hypercoaster with a classic out-and-back design. This 205-foot-high coaster is 5106 feet long and travels at speeds of up to 72 mph. The steel coaster is 5106 feet in length and consistantly one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point.

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