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Lakeside - Ohio's Chautauqua


The Pavilion at Lakeside, Ohio

The Pavilion at Lakeside

(© Hazel Harp/used with permission) The Pavilion at Lakeside, Ohio
(© Hazel Harp/used with permission) The Beach at Lakeside, Ohio

The Beach at Lakeside, Ohio

(© Hazel Harp/used with permission)

Lakeside Ohio, founded in 1873, is a year-round community that emphasizes spiritual growth, education, and cultural enrichment. Located along the Lake Erie shore about halfway between Cleveland and Toledo, Lakeside is one of the few remaining 19th century Chautauquas (learning and cultural retreats).


Lakeside began in 1873 as a scenic place for the Methodist church to hold revivals. The site developed further in 1875 with the construction of the Hotel Lakeside and several cottages. The Chautauqua summer program began shortly after that time. The Methodist Church is still an integral part of community life at Lakeside.

The Chautauqua Season:

The nine-week Chautauqua season lasts from mid-June to mid-August. Each week is built around a different theme, with lectures, live entertainment, sports activities, arts and spiritual events coordinated around that theme. Recent guests have included Mary Wilson of the Supremes, The Four Freshman, Jim Brickman, Gaelic Storm, and classical violinist Caroline Goulding.

Other Lakeside Events:

In addition to the summer events, Lakeside is known for its annual Daisy Day in mid-May and its Fall Festival in October. Lakeside is also home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, art galleries, and independent stores, ideal for browsing or buying.

Tickets and Admission:

During the Chautauqua season, from mid-June through August, Lakeside is a gated community, with the entrance fees going to help preserve the buildings and other structures.

Daily fees (2007 rates) are $15 for adults and $10.50 for youth ages 10-18. Children under 10 are free. Daily gate passes are valid from time of purchase until 1pm the following day. Weekly, partial day, and season passes are also available. Daily auto passes are $6.

Staying at Lakeside:

Lakeside offers a variety of accommodations, including the National Historic Landmark Hotel, Hotel Lakeside, built in 1875. In addition, there is the all-season Fountain Inn, located a block from Lake Erie, and over 150 private cottages, many of which are rented to guests. The Lakeside campground facility is open between May 15 and October 15 and offers full hookup as well as primitive campsites.

Contact Information:

The Lakeside Association
236 Walnut Ave.
Lakeside, OH 43440

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