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Playhouse Square


Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square

(Courtesy of the Cleveland CVB) Ohio Theater - Cleveland Ohio

Ohio Theater

(© Stu Spivack/cc license) The Spirit of Drama Mural - Palace Theater - Cleveland Ohio

"The Spirt of Drama" Mural - Palace Theater

(© Stu Spivack; cc license)

Playhouse Square is Cleveland's theater district. Home to the opulent, restored State, Ohio, Palace, and Allen Theaters, Playhouse Square is second only to Broadway in number of productions.

Located on Euclid Avenue, between E 14th and E 17th Streets, Playhouse Square hosts a full schedule of plays, musicals, concerts, children's theater, and dance.

The Theaters:

The theaters of Playhouse Square were built during a two-year period between February 1921 and November 1922. The Allen, Palace, Ohio, and State Theaters as well as the Hanna Theatre on the south side of Euclid Avenue hosted a wide array of silent films, legitimate theater, and vaudeville acts.

Allowed to fall into decay in the 1950s and 1960s as many Clevelanders abandoned downtown for the suburbs, the theaters were revived and restored in the 1980s and 1990s with over $40 million dollars of private and public funds. The result is beautiful. The ornate ceilings, staircases, and murals have been preserved and attending an event at one of these jewels is an occasion in itself.

Visiting Playhouse Square:

Visitors attending events at one of the Playhouse Square theaters can park behind the complex (off of Chester Ave) in the Playhouse Square lot with its covered, heated walkway to the theaters.

Numerous restaurants are within one block of the theaters, including Cowell and Hubbard, Winsor's at the Wyndham, and Otto Moser's.

Hotels Near Playhouse Square:

Out-of-towners can stay at the Wyndham Hotel Playhouse Square (check rates), located right across the street from the theaters, or the Ritz Carlton (check rates) and the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel at Public Square (check rates).

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