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Ingenuity Fest


Ingenuity Fest, Cleveland Ohio

At the 2006 Ingenuity Fest

(Courtesy of Ingenuity Fest)
Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest, founded in 2004, is a celebration of the marriage of arts and technology. The event has moved for 2012 to the Cleveland lakefront, Docks 30 and 32 behind Cleveland Browns Stadium. The festival features concerts, dance performances, exhibits, music, and fun. The 2012 dates are September 14-16.


Ingenuity Fest is three days of creativity and innovation. There is a free festival village with visual, performance, and techno art; dance performances; and a variety of live music. The unique aspect of Ingenuity Fest is the mixture of technology and art to form some startling and exciting combinations.


Highlights of past Ingenuity Fests included a free concert by Grandmaster Flash, Samba of 1000 drums, and Planet Earth Video Feed, a real-time video feed of planet earth was shown continually throughout the festival, courtesy of the Glenn Research Center.

Admission and Ticketing:

Admission to the 2012 festival is free.

Volunteering for Ingenuity Fest:

It takes scores of volunteers to make Ingenuity Fest a success. To be a part of the action, sign up at the Ingenuity Web site.


Hours have yet to be announced.

Contact Information:

Ingenuity Fest Cleveland
2475 East 22nd Street #103
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 589-9444

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