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Burning River Fest


Burning River Fest
(courtesy of GLBC) Burning River Fest in Cleveland Ohio

At Burning River Fest

(courtesy of GLBC/Burning River Fest Burning River Fest in Cleveland Ohio

Enjoying Burning River Fest

(courtesy of GLBC/Burning River Fest)

Cleveland's Burning River Fest, begun in 2002, showcases environmental issues while creating an enjoyable day of food, music, and outdoor fun.

The event is the brainchild of the Great Lakes Brewing Company, who crafts a Burning River Ale, a name that evokes the sad chapter in the city's history when in the 1970s the Cuyahoga River caught fire several times. The 2013 dates are July 26 -27. Again this year, the fest will be held at the Coast Guard Station at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on Whiskey Island.


Burning River Fest events include live music, performance artists, children's activities, green exhibitors, boat tours, food from local chefs and restaurants, an eco-discussion stage, and more.

Hours and Admission:

Burning River Fest will be open both days from 6pm to 11pm. Admission is $12 on the day of the event and $10 if tickets are purchased in advance from the event's Web site. There is also a two-day pass for $18. Kids 12 and under are free.

Volunteering at the Burning River Fest:

Information on volunteering at Burning River Fest can be found on the event's Web site.

Burning River's Mission:

In addition to providing a fun and educational family day, Burning River Fest uses a portion of the event proceeds to fund a variety of local water-focused environmental organizations. The 2007 event raised $66,000 for such concerns.

Contact Information:

Burning River Fest
c/o Great Lakes Brewing Company
2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, OH
216 771-4404

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