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Truffles Pastry Shop

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Truffles Pastry Shop, Cleveland Ohio

Truffles Pastry Shop, Cleveland Ohio

(courtesy of Truffles Pastry Shop)

The Bottom Line

****Update 9-06-07****

Truffles will be reopening as "The Shop on Clifton under new management on or before October 1.

Truffles offers some of the best desserts in Cleveland. Whether you savor something there with a cup of excellent coffee or take a dessert home with you, you're sure to be impressed.


  • Wonderful and delicious pastries, cakes, and cookies made with natural ingredients
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Free WiFi
  • Inviting and relaxing street-front garden patio


  • Often crowded, especially in the summer.


  • Truffles Pastry Shop
    11122 Clifton Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44102
  • 216 961-7439
  • Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 8am - 11pm
    Friday and Saturday: 8am - Midnight

Guide Review - Truffles Pastry Shop

For over twenty years, Truffles has served elegant and delicious cakes, pastries, cookies, and tarts to savor over a cup of coffee or to take home. Their inviting garden patio is a relaxing summer oasis and a great place to watch the people go by Clifton Avenue.

Truffles makes all of their desserts from scratch using only 100 percent natural ingredients. The selection changes daily, but whole cakes and other desserts can be ordered in advance for dinner parties or receptions. Favorites include their luscious German chocolate cake, Boston creme pie, and white raspberry chocolate pie.

In the summer, the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk garden patio. It's a great place to meet friends and to read the paper and watch the people walk by along Clifton Avenue.

You can also offer cakes, pies, and other baked goods via Truffle's Web site.

(last updated 8-15-07)

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