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Where to Sell your Gold Jewelry in Cleveland


Do you have old jewelry in your drawer that you never wear, perhaps gifts or inherited pieces? Those items can raise you some fast cash at downtown Cleveland pawn shops and jewelry dealers. Of course, you rarely get the same price you paid for the jewelry, but if you'll never wear it, it's a great source of cash. I've dealt with all of the dealers listed below and was treated very fairly and professionally. Please note that state law requires dealers to keep records of who sells them items, so bring your ID.

1. Volk's Jewelers

Volks Jewelry
(© 2009 S. Mitchell)
Just like in the television ad, Burt and John offer fair prices for gold, sterling silver, watches and gemstones--either as a loan (pawn) or as an outright sale. They've been in business since 1899 and all transactions are confidential.

Volks Jewelers
417 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
216 421-6625

2. DeWitt Diamond and Gold Exchange

(© 2009 S. Mitchell)
I've known Mr. DeWitt for more than 15 years and he's always been fair and professional. His small storefront in the Colonial Arcade Marketplace is a great place to shop for gently used gold and diamond jewelry as well as a good place to sell those unwanted gold items.

DeWitt Diamond and Gold Exchange
530 Euclid Ave., #24
(Colonial Arcade Marketplace)
Cleveland, OH 44115
216 621-6244

3. Colonial Coin and Jewelry

In business since 1921, Colonial Coin and Jewelry is one of Cleveland's longest-operating jewelry stores. The Cohen family buys and sells gold jewelry, diamonds, US coins, sterling silver, and other antiques and collectibles. They're open six days a week (closed on Sunday) in the Colonial Arcade Marketplace.

Colonial Coin & Jewelry
530 Euclid Ave., $7
Cleveland, OH 44115
216 241-6826

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