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Northeast Ohio Turkey Farms

Choosing Fresh, not Frozen


Northeast Ohio Turkey Farms
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Northeast Ohio offers a number of places where you can buy your holiday turkey directly off the farm, rather than frozen in a grocery store. Most turkeys you buy directly from the farm or from farmers' markets are raised organically and many are free-range.

Usually demand far exceeds supply during holiday seasons, so plan--and place your order--well in advance. Find out more about Northeast Ohio turkey farms.

Tea Hills Organic Farm - 269 Township Road 2450, Loudonville; 419 368-3831. Sells all-natural, free-range turkeys at the Shaker Square Farmer's Market.

Verdant Pastures - 173 County Road 681, Sullivan; 419 736-2226; sells pastured, certified organic, and humanely raised turkeys at area farmers markets, including Westlake farmers' market. Farm open to the public by appointment only.

Bowman and Landes - 6490 East Ross Road, New Carlisle; 877 466-9466; free range turkeys with no growth hormones, drugs, or stimulants. Available at retailers throughout NE Ohio.

Goatfeathers Point Farm - 4570 Akron-Peninsula Rd., Peninsula; 330 815-0094; heritage breed and standard bronze turkeys, humanely raised, pastured; sells at Peninsula Farmers' Market; farm open Wednesday and Saturday noon to 6pm or by appointment.

Brunty Farms - 2470 Martin Road, Bath Township; 330 594-7315. whole turkeys from eight to 30 pounds.Turkeys are humanely-raised on a diet of pasture grass and non-GMO, local grain. Turkeys are processed fresh before each holiday, directly on the farm. Order online.

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