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Learn about famous, infamous, and interesting "ordinary" people from greater Cleveland as well as newsworthy pets and pet resources.
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Who Was Johnny Appleseed?
One of Ohio's most colorful--and beloved--legends is that of Johnny Appleseed, the kindly and eccentric farmer who spawned the apple industry in Northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2006 inductees on November 28, 2005. These talented musicians, producers, and songwriters will be honored at the annual Induction ceremony in New York City on March 13, 2006.

Famous Clevelanders
Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs have been home to a diverse list of famous people, from Presidents to comedians, from actors to athletes. Learn more about those that were born or lived in Cleveland.

Jeptha Wade
Jeptha Wade was the founder of Western Union Telegraph Company and a big Cleveland philathropist during the late 19th century. His generousity helped make possible the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Zoo, and Lakeview Cemetery, among other institutions.

Robert Lockwood Jr
Grammy-award winning Bluesman, Robert Lockwood Jr is a Cleveland institution. Born in Arkansas, he brought his soulful sound to Cleveland in 1961. Now over 90 years old, he still plays weekly at Fat Fish Blue, downtown, as well as other periodic gigs.

Les Roberts
Les Roberts is the author of 22 novels, including 13 mystery novels, featuring Cleveland detective, Milan Jacovich. The Jacovich novels, which include Deep Shaker, Lake Effect, and Full Cleveland, are particularly interesting to Cleveland residents, because they feature cameos by locals celebrities as well as many of the city's landmarks.

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