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Maple Sugaring in Northeast Ohio


Maple Sugaring in Northeast Ohio
(© istockphoto) Maple Sugar Festival at Mohican State Park

Maple Sugar Festival at Mohican State Park

(courtesy of the Ohio Dept. of Travel and Tourism)

Ohio is the fourth largest of the 12 states that produce maple sugar. More than 900 families produce nearly 100,000 gallons of syrup each year, but the demand far exceeds the supply. In addition, the state hosts a variety of maple sugar events around the sugaring season, which lasts from early February to mid-March.

Ohio Maple Sugar Facts:

  • Maple syrup contains as much calcium as milk
  • 35-45 gallons of sap = 1 gallon of syrup
  • Maple sap contains approximately 2-3 percent sugar
  • Number of taps per gallon of syrup = 3-4
  • 1 gallon of syrup yields = 7-8 lbs of maple sugar

The Season:

Ohio's maple sugaring season lasts from approximately February 1 to mid-March. The sap runs best when the days start to warm, but the nights are cold. The sap starts running in southern Ohio and the season moves northward.

The Process:

Maple sugar is processed much the same as it was when the Native Americans taught the early Western Reserve settlers how to make syrup. For a full description of the process involved in making maple syrup from tree sap, see this article on the Ohio Maple Growers' Web site.

Ohio Maple Sugar Events:

Northeast Ohio hosts a number of maple sugar-related events. Some of these are:

  • Chardon Pancake Sundays - Sundays through mid-April
  • Hale Farm - Maple Sugaring Days - two weekends in mid-March
  • Cleveland Metroparks "History of Maple Sugaring" event - Maple Grove Picnic Area, Rocky River Reservation - two weekends in Mid-March
  • Geauga County Historical Society, Burton - Pancake Breakfasts - Sundays in March and early April
  • Lorain County Metro Parks - Pancake Breakfasts - Sundays in March
  • Lake Farmpark Maple Sugaring Weekend - mid-March


Where to Buy Ohio Maple Products:

Approximately 70 percent of Ohio maple sugar is sold directly from the farm where it is made. In addition, here is a list of regional stores and markets where Ohio maple sugar products are sold.

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