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Ohio Apples


Ohio apple growers produce up to 100 million pounds of apples each season. In Northeast Ohio, the stores, farmers' markets, and apple farms are loaded with bags and bushels of a wide variety of apples, from September through November. Ohio produces around 40 different varieties, some Ohio originals. Here's a look at 11 of the most popular kinds of Ohio apples.
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Ohio Cortland AppleOhio Cortland AppleOhio Crispin AppleOhio Crispin AppleOhio Golden Delicious AppleOhio Golden Delicious AppleOhio Red Delicious AppleOhio Red Delicious Apple
Ohio Apple GrowersOhio Fuji AppleOhio Fuji AppleOhio Gala AppleOhio Gala AppleOhio Granny Smith AppleOhio Granny Smith Apple
Ohio Jonagold AppleOhio Jonagold AppleOhio Law Rome AppleOhio Law Rome AppleOhio McIntosh AppleOhio McIntosh AppleOhio Stayman AppleOhio Stayman Apple

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