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Mrs Yoder's Kitchen -- Amish Restaurant Review

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Mrs Yoder's Kitchen -- Amish Restaurant Review

Mrs Yoder's Kitchen

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Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen is the place to go for good, real Amish food in the heart of Amish Country. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming to all age groups, Amish or not. The menu has good home cooking, and the portions are generous and prices are just right. The kids menu is filled with foods your kids will gobble up. It is short drive from Akron but a world away from the busy city life.

About Mrs. Yoder's

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Mrs. Yoder’s in located in the heart of Holmes County’s Amish Country. This restaurant is as authentic as they come with parking outside for cars and hitches for the horses pulling Amish buggies. About half the guest are Amish or Mennonite, as are the staff. The atmosphere is calm, quiet, and relaxing. Don’t let that deter you from bringing your kids. Families, couples, and parties of friends can all be found dining to their heart’s content.

Mrs Yoder's offers several buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as specialty, seasonal buffets like seafood and Mexican.

Another popular option is ordering Family Style; this is recommended if you have a hungry family ready to chow down. Prices per person go from $12.49 - $14.99 depending on how many entrees you order. All of the trimmings of real mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, vegetable, home-style bread, salad bar, dessert and beverage are included. Eat all you want, but no doggie bags are allowed.

Our Experience

With a young family, we chose to order individual platters. Dinner started out with wheat or white bread. The thick slices of home made bread were made more delicious with Mary Yoder's signature peanut butter spread and apple butter. It tastes more like a dessert than the beginning of dinner. The Turkey Platter (pictured above) features a slice of home-style white bread topped with real mashed potatoes, gravy, and hearty pieces of turkey. This comfort food is satisfying and what Amish food is all about. The mashed potatoes are smooth and creamy; the turkey was tender and moist; and the gravy poured on top completed the dish. My husband had the pot roast platter (also pictured above) which was a strong, flavorful, seasoned roast that went well with the mashed potatoes. My kids enjoyed crisp, fried chicken with French fries, always well received.

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 8pm. Ample parking is available for cars and buggies.

Contact Information
Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen
8101 St. Rte. 241
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

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