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A Walk thru Slavic Village


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Krusinski's Finest Meat Products
A Walk thru Slavic Village
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Leaving the church, continue down E 65th St. for about half a block. Turn left at Heisley Rd. After walking about one block, you'll see Krusinski's Market on the left hand side of the street.

Krusinski's makes spicy kielbasa, smoked polish sausage, bratwurst, and knockwurst fresh daily as well as a variety of homemade pierogi, those delicious Polish dumplings, filled with cheese, potato, meat, sauerkraut, or a combination.

Polish food lovers travel from all sides of Cleveland and beyond for this corner grocery store’s offerings. In fact, if you enjoy pierogi at other restaurants in Cleveland, there’s a good chance they were made right here at Krusinski's.

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