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A Walk around Cleveland's Little Italy


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About Cleveland's Little Italy
Cleveland's Little Italy

Cleveland's Little Italy

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Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood, located on Mayfield Road, just south of Euclid Ave., grew up in the late 19th century, fueled by scores of immigrants that came to the area to work as stone-cutters for nearby Lake View Cemetery and to work in clothing factories.

Early residents included Joseph Carabelli, who donated the land for Holy Rosary Church and helped to found Alta House, a charitable organization that still thrives.

Today, Clevelanders of Italian descent are located all over the city, but Little Italy retains that "Old World" flavor with restaurants, art galleries, and the popular "Feast of the Assumption" festival each August.

We'll start our walking tour at Tony Brush Park, located at Mayfield and Random Rds., just past the viaduct from University Circle. There's limited parking on the streets and a public lot off of Mayfield, just north of the park.
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