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A Walk Down Larchmere Boulevard


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Larchemere Court
A Walk Down Larchmere Boulevard

Larchemere Court

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Crossing Larchmere from Fine Points, we're going to double back on the other side of the street. In the first block, in the middle of a strip of shops, you'll see Thriftique, a second-hand store that's always worth a peak inside. There's lots of junk -- old furniture, lava lamps, bean bag chairs, etc. -- but sometimes you'll find an overlooked treasure. I've found hard-to-find books, vintage piano music and notecards, and interesting glassware there. There's a little be of everything.

Leaving Thriftique, you'll see a new building of townhouses about a block away. That's Larchmere Court. The recently completed building features three-story town homes with roof-top run decks, complete with a view of downtown Cleveland. They also have ground-level garages, balconies overlooking the street, and corner units feature ground level retail space -- perfect for working at home. What's more, the building includes a 100 percent 10-year tax abatement. All this in the middle of the fun shopping and dining found on Larchmere Boulevard.

Larchmere Courts................Thriftique
12701 Larchmere Blvd.........12611 Larchmere Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44120...........Cleveland, OH 44120
216 371-2938........................216 231-6060

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