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Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood


Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood in Cleveland

A Typical Street in the Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood

(© Ed Chadwick/cc license) Cleveland Public Theatre

Cleveland Public Theatre

Cleveland SGS) Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood

Apartments at Gordon Square

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Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood is located on the west side of town, bounded by Lake Erie, I-90, and West 45th and 85th Streets. The neighborhood has been home to a variety of ethnic groups, each of which have left their mark on the area. Today, Detroit-Shoreway is poised for a renaissance, with new housing and an ambitious new arts project at Gordon Square.


The Detroit-Shoreway area was originally filled with apple orchards, including the garden of W.J. Gordon, who began to develop his property. The advent of the electric railway in the mid-19th century brought immigrants to the area--first Germans, followed by Irish, Italians, and Romanians. The post-Vietnam War era brought a sizeable influx of Laotian and Vietnamese immigrants. The most recent arrivals are Puerto Ricans who migrated to the neighborhood in the 1980s and 1990s.

Shopping in Detroit-Shoreway:

Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood includes the Lorain Avenue antique district as well as unique shopping in and around Gordon Square.


The Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood is home to a diverse collection of more than 30 churches and places of worship. Among these are the historic St. Colman's and St. Stephen's churches.

Arts & Culture:

Detroit-Shoreway is home to the Cleveland Public Theater, an independent arts complex located at 64th Street and Detroit Ave. The neighborhood will also soon be the home of the New West Theater, part of the expanding Gordon Square Arts District.

Detroit-Shoreway also boasts a handful of interesting galleries, most of which are located on Detroit and Lorain Avenues.

Restaurants in the Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood:

Detroit-Shoreway is home to an eclectic mixture of restaurants. Among these are:



Residents of the Detorit-Shoreway neighborhood are part of the Cleveland Municipal School District.

Parks and Recreation:

The Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood includes Edgewater Park State Park, along Lake Erie, as well as three recreation centers, an outdoor pool, and two playgrounds.

What's New for Detroit-Shoreway:

The Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood has been a magnet for new development and renovation projects. Among these is the $300 million Gordon Square project that includes two new theaters plus housing and retail space. Another exciting project is Battery Park, a 13-acre complex of 328 condominiums, overlooking Lake Erie and Edgewater Park.

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