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Cleveland's Neighborhoods

Cleveland is filled with interesting neighborhoods that reflect the city's ethnic, cultural, and architectural diversity. Learn more about these unique areas.
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Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood
Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood is located on the west side of town, bounded by Lake Erie, I-90, and West 45th and 85th Streets. The neighborhood has been home to a variety of ethnic groups, each of which have left their mark on the area. Today, Detroit-Shoreway is poised for a renaissance, with new housing and an ambitious new arts project at Gordon Square.

Cleveland's Collinwood Neighborhood
Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood, bounded roughly by Lake Erie to the north and E 131th and E 185th Streets to the east and west, became part of the city in 1910. The sprawling region attracted numerous immigrant communties during the early and mid-20th century, drawn by the work to be found in the railroad yards and manufacturing plants there. Among these were Italians, Slovenians, Polish, Croatians, and people of the Appalachian region.

Cleveland Flats

Cleveland Neighborhoods
Cleveland Ohio is filled with dozens of distinct neighborhoods -- from Ohio City to University Circle. Learn more about each one's character, shopping, dining, and points of interest.

A Walk around Cleveland's Little Italy
Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood, located on Mayfield Road, just south of Euclid Ave., grew up in the late 19th century, fueled by scores of immigrants that came to the area to work as stone-cutters for nearby Lake View Cemetery and to work in clothing factories. Today, Clevelanders of Italian descent are located all over the city, but Little Italy retains that "Old World" flavor with restaurants, art galleries, and a popular annual festival.

Cleveland's Fairfax Neighborhood
Cleveland's Fairfax neighborhood, located just east of University Circle, is a mostly residential area home to a large middle-class, mostly African-American population. The area also includes some of Cleveland's most treasured institutions, including Karamu House Theater, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Cleveland Playhouse.

Mentor Ohio
Mentor, located east of Cleveland in Lake County Ohio, was first settled in 1797 as a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. The lakeside community is known as being the home of President James Garfield and for its parks and greenhouses. Today, Mentor is a thriving town of over 50,000 residents.

Cleveland's Old Brooklyn Neighborhood
Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood, on the city's west side, is nestled between Brooklyn, Parma, and the industrial valley. The city, founded in 1814, is known for its greenhouses, turn-of-the century doubles and bungalows, and quiet tree-lined streets. It's also home to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, historic Riverside Cemetery, and Drew Carey's boyhood home.

Hudson Ohio
Hudson Ohio, located about 45 minutes southeast of Cleveland, is an affulent suburb, with a historic shopping district, many fine restaurants, and a history dating back to the early days of the Western Reserve.

East Fourth Street Entertainment District
East Fourth Street, in downtown Cleveland Ohio between Prospect and Euclid Avenues, is the city's up and coming entertainment and residential district. Within walking distance of Public Square and area sports arena, the one-block strip is home to restaurants, nightclubs, and scores of historic, renovated apartments.

Cleveland's Chinatown
Cleveland's Chinatown, roughly bounded by Superior, Payne, East 29th and East 39th Streets, is small but colorful. Located just east of downtown, the neighborhood features interesting architecture, delicious and varied restaurants, and unique Asian shopping. Cleveland's Chinatown continues to evolve as old families and new money move to the area, rehabbing old buildings and creating new businesses.

Ohio City Photo Gallery
Ohio City, just across the Cuyahoga River from downtown Cleveland, is one of the city's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods. Take a look at the unique buildings, homes, restaurants, and flavor of the area.

Tremont Neighborhood
Tremont, located just south of downtown Cleveland, is one of the city's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. The area is centered around Lincoln Park, a large green area lined with historic churches, trendy restaurants, and restored Victorian homes. Once the site of short-lived Cleveland University, the streets still reflect the past with names like "Literary," "Professor," and "University."

Shaker Square - Cleveland History, Shopping, Food, and Fun
Shaker Square, located in Cleveland at the edge of Shaker Heights, is a diverse and historic neighborhood, begun by the Van Sweringen brothers in 1922. The centerpiece of this vital area is Shaker Square, an octagonal shopping district, filled with restaurants, stores, and services. As interesting today as it was in the 1920s and 1930s, Shaker Square continues to attract residents, shoppers, and artists.

Ohio City
Ohio City is one of Cleveland's oldest neighborhoods. Founded in 1818, it is roughly bounded by Lake Erie to the north, W 25th St. to the east, W 45th St. to the west, and Lorain Avenue to the south. The area, once an independent city and fierce competitor of Cleveland's, was annexed by the larger city in 1854. Today, the area is filled with historic homes, new construction, trendy restaurants, and eclectic shops and art galleries.

Slavic Village
Slavic Village is a Cleveland neighborhood, just south of downtown. Bounded by I-77 on the west, E 79th St. on the east, Broadway, and Harvard, the area was first settled in the mid-19th century by primarily Czech and Polish immigrants who came to the city to work in the woolen and steel mills nearby. Today, the area is filled with fun restaurants and food stores, new housing developments, and classic century homes.

A Tour of University Circle
University Circle is Cleveland, Ohio's cultural center and home to the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and several other venerable institutions.

A Walk Down Larchmere Boulevard
Located one block north of Shaker Square on Cleveland's east side, Larchmere Boulevard is home to a fascinating mix or antique stores, bookstores, stores selling handcrafted items, and eclectic eateries. Join me for a walking tour of this fun three-block area.

A Walk thru Slavic Village
Cleveland's Slavic Village is a delightful mixture of old and new. Walk around this interesting neighborhood, filled with architectural and culinary gems.

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