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Congressman Ralph Regula


Ohio Congressman Ralph Regula

Ohio Congressman Ralph Regula

(US Government Photo)
District: 16th District

Party: Republican

First Elected to Congress: 1972 (he is the second longest serving member of Congress.)

Bio: Ralph Regula was born in 1924 in Beach City, Ohio. He graduated from Mount Union College and served in the US Navy. Prior to serving in Congress, he was a country lawyer, a teacher and principal, and an Ohio state senator and respresentative.

Congressman Regula is married with three children and four grandchildren. He and his wife, Mary live on their farm in Stark County.

Local Offices: Congressman Regula maintains offices in Medina, Canton, and Washington DC. Contact information is available on the congressman's official Web site.

Regula will be succeeded by John Boccieri on January 6, 2009.
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