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Ohio Nuclear Power Plants


Ohio has two nuclear power plants, both located along the shores of Lake Erie in the northern part of the state. They are the Davis-Besse plant in Oak Harbor, near Sandusky, and Perry Nuclear Plant, east of Cleveland. (A third plant, in Piqua, Ohio, closed in 1966.)

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant

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The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant is located on a 954-acre site on the shores of Lake Erie, 10 miles north of Oak Harbor, Ohio and 21 miles east of Toledo. The plant opened in 1978, making it the 57th commercial nuclear power plant in the United States. It was originally co-owned by Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison and is named for the chairmen of both companies, John K. Davis and Ralph M. Besse.

Today, the Davis-Besse plant is owned by FirstEnergy. It is a pressurized water reactor and it's license expires in 2017.

Two-thirds of the Davis-Besse land is used for the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

- History of problems at Davis-Besse

Perry Nuclear Power Plant

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The Perry Nuclear Power Plant sits on 1100 acres on the shore of Lake Erie in North Perry, Ohio, about 40 miles northeast of Cleveland. The plant, which opened in 1987, is also owned by FirstEnergy, and was the 100th power reactor to be build in the US.

Perry is a boiling water reactor, one of the largest such units in the US. It was originally built as a two-unit plant, but although you see two cooling towers, there is only one reactor. The plant's license runs until 2026.

There have been no major safety issues in the history of the Perry plant.

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