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Northeast Ohio Farmer's Markets


One of the joys of summer in Northeast Ohio is the abundant farmer's markets that spring up around the area beginning in May and continuing through the fall harvest season.

A careful shopper can find all of his food there, from luscious produce to hand-picked flowers, with everything offered in between. What's more: frequently the offerings are organically grown and affordable, too.

North Union Market - Shaker Square

North Union Farmers Market - Shaker Square - Cleveland Ohio
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One of the original area farmer's markets, the North Union Market at Shaker Square is still one of the best. Open Saturdays from 8am until noon from April through December on Shaker Blvd. in the middle of Shaker Square, the market sells fresh in-season produce, home-made honey, fresh flowers, freshly-baked goods, home-made jellies and jams, and beans and grains. Many of the goods are organically grown. Special events include the June strawberry fest and mid-summer Garlic fest.

Coit Road Market

Coit Farmer's Market, Cleveland Ohio
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Located at Coit and Woodworth Rds. in Cleveland, the Coit Road Market is open on Wednesdays from April to November from 10am to 3pm and year round on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. They sell everything, including farm-made cheese, beeswax candles, spices, annual bedding plants, and lots of delicious produce.

West Side Market

(Courtesy of the Cleveland CVB)
Though technically a permanent market, the West Side Market comes alive in the summer and fall. The produce hall is stacked with beautiful displays of fruit, vegetables, and tubers. There are usually vendors beside the market, selling flowers, and the Ohio City Open Air Market in the Square sets up each Saturday across the street from 10am to 4pm, and features all kinds of wares -- food and non-food -- as well as live music.

North Union Market - Lakewood

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An offshoot of the successful Shaker Square farmer's market, the Lakewood market sets up each Wednesday between 10am and 1pm from June through September at the intersection of the Arthur extension and Detroit Road (next to Taco Bell, across from the Lakewood Library). The market has a wealth of fresh produce, canned goods, freshly-baked goodies, and often, a guest appearance from a local chef.

North Union Market - Crocker Park

Yet another of the North Union Markets, this one sets up each Saturday from 9am to 1pm from early April through December at Crocker Park shopping center. Like the other North Union markets, it offers a wide variety of produce, home-made jams, jellies and honey, fresh flowers, and freshly-baked goods. Fun special events include periodic sheep shearing and live musicians and street players.

Geauga Fresh Farmers Market

The Geauga Fresh Farmer's Market is open each Saturday from 9am to noon from late June to late October. The market, located on Chillicothe Road in South Russell, sells everything from produce to beeswax candles to annual bedding plants. Most of the 25 or so vendors come from Geauga County. Events include a best-tasting salsa contest and a best-looking tomato contest, open to farmers and shoppers alike.

Painesville Farmers Market

This wonderful farmer's market, begun in 1999, sets up each Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm from May to October. Located in the parking lot at 177 Main Street in Painesville, the market features the expected delicious fresh produce as well as fresh meat, freshly-baked goods, canned goods, and flowers. The market has a festive air with live music and street entertainers each week.

Haymaker Farmer's Market

(courtesy of Haymaker's Farmers' Market)
The Haymaker Farmer's Market, located at the corner of Summit and Franklin Sts. in Kent, is open on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, beginning in early June and continuing through October. The market features more than 30 vendors who sell honey, bakery items, fruit, vegetables, and lots more. There are also weekly cooking demonstrations from local chefs and "Music in the Market" entertainment.

Lake Farm Park Market

Located in the parking lot in front of the Visitors Center at the Lake County Metroparks Lake Farm Park, this seasonal market sets up each Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm from late May through October. The market features a large complement of produce, home-canned goods, bakery items, and flowering plants.

Coventry Road Market

Cleveland Heights' Coventry Market carries the Bohemian flair of this fun and arty neighborhood. The market, located at 1824 Coventry Road, is open each Thursday evening between 6pm and 9pm, from June through August. They feature fresh fruit and vegetables, "fresh-from-the-farm eggs", flowers, baked goods, and lots more.

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