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Cleveland Chocolate Stores


It's no secret that northeast Ohio residents enjoy their sweets. The good news is that the area offers nearly a dozen chocolatiers and candy shops with offerings that range from maple sugar candy to milk chocolate goodies to chocolate truffles. Take a look at our picks for top northeast Ohio chocolate shops.

Malley's Chocolates

Malleys Chocolates -- Cleveland Ohio
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Malley's Chocolates, established in 1935, is a Northeast Ohio favorite. Their luscious chocolate delicacies, such as hand-dipped strawberries and chocolate-covered pretzels, are a must for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, and other special occasions.

Today, with 22 locations, Malley's Chocolates offers a full variety of candy as well as ice cream.

Harry London Chocolates -- Akron

Harry London Chocolates
(courtesy of Harry London)
The Harry London Chocolate Factory has been creating the finest of candies and chocolates in Akron for the past 84 years. Harry London Candies has a selection of over 500 candies and chocolates that you can indulge in at their Factory Store.

Enjoy a guided tour where you can see how they churn out over 80,000 pounds of delicious chocolates and candies. After the tour, sample their many candies and chocolates.

Lilly Handmade Chocolates

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Located in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, Lilly Handmade Chocolates combines a large selection of chocolate goodies, like truffles, barks, milk chocolates and dark chocolates, with fine wines and beers. You can buy chocolates by the piece or the pound or sample wine and beer pairings with your chocolate.

Lilly Handmade Chocolates
761 Starkweather Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
216 771-3333

White House Chocolates -- Middlefield

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A Geauga County favorite since 1996, White House Chocolates offers more than 20 varieties of home-made fudge as well as maple sugar candy and other confections. They are stock greeting cards and other Geauga County souvenirs.

White House Chocolates
14607 Kinsman Rd.
Middlefield, OH 44062
440 834-3133

Mitchell's Fine Chocolates -- Cleveland Heights

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This family-owned chocolate shop in Cleveland Heights has been delighting customers since 1939. They offer a variety of confections, all made the old-fashioned way, including frothy creams, luscious fruits, crunchy nut clusters and creamy milk chocolates.

Mitchell's Fine Chocolates
2285 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
877 661-4026

La Bellaria

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How can you argue with a candy shop that maintains, "life is always sweeter with a little dessert"? Though they don't have a storefront, their 100 percent vegan delicacies can be purchased from their Web site. You'll also find La Bellaria at farmers' markets around town and regional festivals.

Fannie May Chocolates

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Yes, they are a large, corporate candy company rather than an independent retailer, but Fannie May still produces quality chocolate. They should; they've been in business since 1920 for a reason. Clevelanders of a certain age may remember their store on Public Square. Though that store is gone, the company has five locations in the greater Cleveland area, in Hudson, Beachwood, Fairview Park, Strongsville and Canton.

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