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Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppes


Honey Hut Ice Cream

Honey Hut Ice Cream

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Honey Hut Ice Cream, opened as Danny's Ice Cream in 1974, quickly became a Cleveland favorite. The Old Brooklyn ice cream stand changed its name to reflect is delicious honey-based ice creams and has never looked back.

Today, Honey Hut has four suburban locations in addition to the original store in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood. They make, arguably, the best ice cream in Cleveland.


Honey Hut makes a variety of homemade honey ice cream flavors as well as homemade ice cream cakes, homemake hot fudge, and frosted malts.

The Huntington Beach location also serves chili dogs, fries, pizza, and other snacks.


In addition to the original Honey Hut at 4674 State Road in Old Brooklyn, Honey Hut now has locations at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, at routes 21 and 82 in Brecksville, at 6250 State Road in Parma, and at 15831 Pearl Road in Strongsville.

Contact Information:

Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppe
4674 State Road
Cleveland, OH
216 749-7077

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