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Lake Erie and Ohio's many lakes and rivers provide excellent fishing opportunities. Learn about how to get a fishing license, the fish of Lake Erie, and fishing Ohio's rivers and inland lakes.

Lake Erie Fishing Charters
Lake Erie is known for its sportsfishing from Toledo to Buffalo, New York. The Lake is particularly abundant in walleye and yellow perch, but a variety of other fish, such as largemouth bass, northern pike, and Lake Erie catfish, can also be found. If you don't have a boat, or if you'd rather let someone else get the gear and do the driving, consider one of the many fishing charters that operate out of Northeast Ohio.

The Fish of Lake Erie
Lake Erie, the shallowest lake of the five Great Lakes, is home to an abundant supply of fish. All year, there is some species to be found in this body of water that forms most of Ohio's northern boundary. Learn a little about eight of the most prevalent Lake Erie fish.

Lake Erie Walleye
Walleye is a medium-sized freshwater fish, popular in the Great Lakes and the rivers and streams that flow from and into the Lakes. In Ohio, the fish is a springtime fishing favorite, particularly in the Maumee River near Toledo and in the Canadian waters of Lake Erie.

Get an Ohio Fishing License
Ohio's Lake Erie shoreline as well as the state's many rivers and inland lakes offer excellent fishing opportunities, but first you must get an Ohio fishing license. It's easy and affordable. Learn how here.

Free Fishing Days in Pennsylvania
Pennysylvania has several days throughout the season when residents and non-residents alike are not required to have a fishing license. Learn more about these "Free Fishing Days" from the About Guide to Pittsburgh.

Ice Fishing on Lake Erie

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