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Northeast Ohio Drive-in Theaters


Northeast Ohio opened one of the first drive-in theaters with the debut of Akron's Starlight Auto Theater in 1937. Ohio grew to love the unique movie theaters and by the late 1960s, the state boasted 189 drive-ins. Today, over 80 percent of them are gone, but the remaining dozen of so in Northeast Ohio are a fun place to spend a summer's evening.

Mayfield Road Drive-in - Chardon

A single screen theater, open seasonally, between April and October. It is open seven nights a week in the summer and on weekends in the spring and fall. Audio is offered via FM radio.

Admission is $15 per car. Holds 500 vehicles.

Mayfield Road Drive-in
12010 Mayfield Rd. (just east of Rte. 306), Chardon
440 286-7173.

Aut-O-Rama Drive-in - North Ridgeville

Owned by the same family since it was built in 1965, the Aut-O-Rama is something of a westside legend. The twin screen theater is open from early April until the end of September, seven days a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It offers FM radio for audio.

Admission is $9 for adults and $3 for ages 4-11; under 4 are free. The theater holds 1,000 vehicles. No outside food or beverages.

33395 Lorain Rd., North Ridgeville
440 327-9595.

Magic City Drive-in - Barberton

A twin-screen theater, open between April and October. The theater, which holds up to 700 vehicles, features first run films seven nights a week during the summer and on weekends during the spring and fall. Offers audio from traditional speakers or via FM radio broadcast.

Magic City Drive-in
5602 S. Cleveland/Massillon Rd., Barberton
330 825-4333

Sunset Drive-in - Mansfield

Opened during World War II, this venerable 600-car theater is open seasonally, seven nights in the summer and weekends in the spring and fall. It offers first-run films and audio via traditional pole speakers or via AM or FM radio broadcast.

Admission is $5 per adult; $1 for children 5-11, and free for children under 5. The theater is closing at the end of the 2013 season.

Sunset Drive-in
4018 Park Avenue W., Mansfield
419 529-5514

Star View Drive-in - Norwalk

Opened in 1949, this 520-vehicle theater is open every night from June through September. Admission is $8 for those over age 11, $1 for those ages 5-11, and free for those under 5.
Star View Drive-in
2083 Route 20 W., Norwalk

Pymatuning Lake Drive-in - Andover

***This drive-in closed in 2007 ***
A single-screen theater, open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The theater features first run films and offers audio via traditional speakers and AM radio broadcast.

Admission is $4.50 per adults and $1 for children under 10.

Pymantuning Drive-in
Route 7 (5863 Beach St.), Andover
440 293-7757

Midway Drive-in - Ravenna

Opened in 1949, this 600-vehicle, two-screen theater is open from April through October.
Midway Drive-in
2736 Route 59, Ravenna

Sandusky Drive-in - Sandusky

***This NE Ohio drive-in has closed and has been completely torn down.***
Sandusky Drive-in Theatre
3711 Cleveland Rd., Sandusky

Blue Sky Drive-in - Wadsworth

This single-screen theater is open from May to September each season and can accommodate up to 450 cars.

Admission is $15 per car.

Blue Sky Drive-in
959 Broad St., Wadsworth

Memphis Drive-in - Cleveland

***Update:*** The Memphis Drive-In closed on September 30, 2006; American Greeting Card Co. has purchased the site to add its campus.
The Memphis was one of the oldest drive-in theaters still in use in Northeast Ohio. Built in 1954, the theater has three screens, each showing two films each night. The 1000-car theater offers audio via traditional audio speakers as well as FM stereo radio.

Memphis Drive-in
10543 Memphis Rd., Cleveland, OH
216 941-2892.

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