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Terence T. Henricks


Terence Henricks

Terence Henricks

(NASA Photo)
Name: Terence T. Henricks

Birthplace: Bryan, Ohio; raised in Woodville (Sandusky County)

Birthdate: July 5, 1952

College: Earned a B.S. in civil engineering from USAF Academy and a Masters in public administration from Golden Gate University.

Previous Experience: Prior to joining the space program, Henricks was a fighter pilot, test pilot, and parachute jumper in the USAF. He has flown 30 different aircraft and logged more than 6000 flying hours.

NASA Experience: Henricks was selected by NASA in 1985 and became an astronaut in 1986. He commanded two Space Shuttle missions and was pilot of two others. Henricks left government service in 1997.

Awards: Among Henricks' many awards are the Distinguished Flying Cross, the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, and the Defense Superior Service Medal. He has also been inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

Family: Henricks is married to Rebecca Henricks, a country music singer. They have three children.
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