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Cleveland Museum of Art Classes for Kids


Cleveland Museum of Art Class

Catcher and Miss Kate

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Updated August 08, 2008
As the mommy of a very energetic three-year-old, I find myself signing up for as many kid’s classes as possible. This summer I decided to sign my son up for the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Classes for Kids. My son Catcher, who turned three in July, just made the cutoff for the Parent & Child class. The kid’s class that follows the Parent & Child is the Mini-Masters, for ages 4-5. Mini Master’s is the first drop-off class offered. The museum offers ten different classes for kids and teens ages 3-17.

The First Day
On the first day we met our teacher, Miss Kate, who was most welcoming and friendly to the kids. The class, an hour and a half long, begins with the kids' molding and shaping clay, followed by a guided trip around the museum wings focusing on whatever medium the kids were discussing in class. After the walk, the kids head back to the classroom to start on their projects.

Exploring Art at an Early Age
One week, the kids focused on finding portraits. Miss Kate led everyone to the gallery and the kids were off! It was such a cool sight to see, 10 three-year-olds looking up at these giant masterpieces pointing out faces and noses and mouths. The kids then headed back to the classroom to design their very own portrait, gold frame and all. Another class involved an outdoors trip. Catcher, along with the other kids, constructed his very own wooden sail boat. The class then took a walk to the pond in front of the museum. The kids put their newly-constructed and brightly painted boats in the water and they were off. The boat race had begun and the kid’s couldn’t stop smiling in sheer joy of seeing their creations float.

Why I Like this Class
This class is by far one of my favorites. As a parent I look for classes that offer my child some kind of substance. This class, this teacher, and the museum itself offered my son something that many three-year-olds never experience. He may not understand all of the art that he saw but his creativity was inspired. In such a short time, an artist emerged. And I have the proof. There are now eight framed pieces of art work hanging in my hall.

Making Reservations
The classes are offered throughout the entire year and sign up for the Fall Session begins this August. There are both weekday and weekend sessions. The weekday sessions cost $100 for Family-level CMA members and $120 for non-members. The Parent & Child class is offered at $120 for CMA members and $140 for non-members and it is worth every penny. Saturday classes cost $50 CMA members and $60 for non-members. Parent and Child classes on Saturday cost $60 for CMA member and $70 non-members. To sign-up for CMA Art Classes for Kids, call 216 421-7350 or visit the museum's Web site.

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