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Cleveland Metropolitan School District 2013-2014 Calendar


John Hay High School in Cleveland Ohio

John Hay High School

(courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art) Tremont School, Cleveland Ohio

Tremont School

(© 2006 N. Bryson; Licensed to About, Inc.) Glenville High School in Cleveland Ohio

Glenville High School

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If you're planning holiday travel, vacation time or just want know when your kids will be in (or out of ) school, here is the 2013-14 Academic Calendar for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, complete with all the important dates to make planning your family vacations and arranging childcare easier.

August 19, 2013: First Day of School for all CMSD students
September 2, 2013: Labor Day Holiday
November 5, 2013: Teacher Workday (no classes for students)
November 11, 2013: Veterans Day Holiday (schools closed)
November 27, 2013: Teacher Workday (no classes for students)
November 28 to 29, 2013: Thanksgiving Break
December 20, 2013 to January 6, 2014: Winter Break (all schools)
January 20, 2014: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
February 14, 2014 - Professional development day; all schools closed
February 17, 2014: Presidents' Day Holiday; all schools closed
March 21, 2014: Parent-teacher conference day (no classes)
April 11 to April 21, 2014: Spring Break
May 26, 2014: Memorial Day Holiday
May 29, 2014: Last Day of School

Report card dates:
October 28
January 20
April 8
June 10 - report cards mailed

About Cleveland Public Schools
The Cleveland Metropolitan School District owns and operates 99 schools for grades Pre-K through 12 in the Cleveland area. The 2013/2014 enrollment is 40,871 students.

Cleveland Schools Dress Code
The Cleveland Metropolitan School District maintains a rigid dress code for the 2012/2013 school year, details of which may be found here. Students in K through 12 grade are expected to comply with these guidelines. Pre-K students are encouraged, but not required to follow the dress code. Assistance is available to help with the cost of school clothing.

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