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Slyman's Restaurant: The Place for Corned Beef

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corned beef sandwich, Slymans Restaurant, Cleveland Ohio

corned beef sandwich, Slymans Restaurant

(courtesy of Slyman's)

The Bottom Line

If you love corned beef, you've got to try Slyman's.


  • The best corned beef in Cleveland
  • Good food at affordable prices
  • You can get the corned beef by the pound to go, also.
  • Consistent and effecient service, if a little brusque.


  • Vegetarians really have no business here.
  • No credit cards accepted; cash only.
  • Can be noisy and hectic, but that's part of its charm.


  • Slyman's Restaurant
    3106 St. Clair Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44114
  • 216 621-3780
  • Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 6am - 230pm (breakfast until 11am)
    Takeout until 230pm
    Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Guide Review - Slyman's Restaurant: The Place for Corned Beef

Slyman's Restaurant on Cleveland's near east side, is the place to go for corned beef. The decor is "early dive bar" and the service can be brusque, but the food is divine and the line to get a table is usually out the door.

Slyman's, who bills themselves as having "the Biggest and Best Corned Beef," opens early, at 6am, for the off-to-work crowd. Breakfast, served until 11am, includes corned beef and eggs and corned beef omelettes as well as a whole menu of traditional breakfast items.

Lunch, served until 2pm, includes corned beef sandwiches, stacked high, Reuben sandwiches, and an array of other deli sandwiches. Excellent sides include housemade cole slaw and home fries. Hot entrees include open-faced turkey and beef sandwiches with lots of gravy and a side of homefries -- a perfect dish for a cold winter's day.

Slyman's also offers take out meals until 230pm, and you can also buy the deli corned beef, pastrami, ham, and turkey by the pound to take home.

There is usually a wait to get a table, even at 1100am, so plan accordingly. Also, remember that Slyman's is a cash only business -- no credit cards.

(last updated 5-6-08)

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