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Mallorca Restaurant - Cleveland Ohio


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The Bottom Line

Mallorca is a taste of Spain and Portugal in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Known for their excellent continental service and extensive Mediterranean menu, try Mallorca for a tasty and affordable lunch or dinner.


  • Large, varied menu
  • Some of the best service in Cleveland
  • Fun, festive atmosphere
  • Less expensive than comparable restaurants
  • Extensive list of Spanish and Portuguese wines and liqueurs


  • Sometimes it is difficult to understand the servers


  • Mallorca
    1390 W 9th St.
    Cleveland, OH 44113
  • 216 687-9494
  • Open for lunch and dinner daily

Guide Review - Mallorca

Mallorca, located in downtown Cleveland's Warehouse District, is a refreshing taste of Spain and Portugal. Consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Cleveland, the lengthy menu features grilled meats, such as lamb chops, veal chops, and filet mignon as well as succulent seafood, such as traditional Portuguese clams in green sauce and crab-stuffed lobster. One of the most popular entrees is the paella Valencia, a single-pan dish filled with saffron rice, chicken, spicy chorizo sausage, and a variety of seafood.

The service staff is mostly Spanish and Portuguese and they add a certain exotic flavor to any meal here. The service is knowledgeable and efficient, and the staff is always ready with a wine or an entree suggestion

The wine list features mostly Spanish and Portuguese offerings, most at reasonable and affordable prices. The house sangria is fruity and refreshing, and a nice accompaniment to a summer meal.

Desserts are luscious and tasty, if not particularly creative. Coffee is accompanied by a house, after-drink liqueur, a sweet and potent end to a satisfying meal.

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