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Lake View Cemetery - Cleveland Ohio


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Eliot Ness' Grave
Eliot Ness' Grave

Eliot Ness' Grave

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Eliot Ness, best known for his pursuit and eventual indictment of 1930s gangster, Al Capone, was Cleveland's Director of Public Safety from 1935 to 1942. He also ran (unsuccessfully) for Cleveland mayor in 1947. Although he lived in Pennsylvania when he died in 1957, he wanted to be buried at Lake View Cemetery. Actually the stone is just a memorial to Ness. His ashes were sprinkled in one of the cemetery's ponds by the Cleveland Police Department, as part of Ness' final requests.

Ness is just one of many government and civic leaders that "reside" at Lake View. Others include former Mayors Carl B. Stokes and Tom Johnson; Lincoln aide and Secretary of State, John Hay; and Senator Marc Hanna.

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