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Rockefeller Park Greenhouse


Cleveland Greenhouse at Christmas

Cleveland Greenhouse at Christmas

(© 2006 S. Mitchell; licensed to About, Inc.) Orchids at the Cleveland Greenhouse

Orchids at the Cleveland Greenhouse

(© 2006 S. Mitchell; Licensed to About, Inc.) Ferns at the Cleveland Greenhouse

Ferns at the Cleveland Greenhouse

(© 2006 S. Mitchell; Licensed to About, Inc.)

Cleveland's Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, located just off of Martin Luther King Blvd near University Circle, is a wonderful collection of exotic and native plants. Admission to the greenhouse is free and highlights include the extensive orchid and tropical plant exhibits as well as the spring bulb and December holiday plants displays.


The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse was conceived in 1903 and finished in 1905, on part of the 270 acres donated to the city of Cleveland by industrialist, John D. Rockefeller. Initially, the greenhouse was used to house and nurture plants destined for the city's parks, but eventually the scope grew to include display gardens.

The Exhibits:

The Rockefeller Greenhouse consists of outdoor and indoor gardens. Highlights include a formal Japanese Garden, planted in the 1960s; a desert-like Latin American garden; a tropical garden; and the outdoor Peace garden.

Special Exhibits and Events:

In addition to the regular exhibits, the Rockefeller Greenhouse hosts a variety of seasonal displays. The most popular of these is the elaborate and festive holiday plant display in December, with its rows of poinsettias and other holiday plants.

Getting Married at the Rockefeller Greenhouse:

The Greenhouse rents its facility to couples as a wedding venue. The greenhouse can accommodate up to 75 people during regular hours (10am - 4pm). Fees for Cleveland residents are currently $150 for a wedding and $75 for photos. Non-resident fees are $175 and $100 respectively. (2010 prices) Call 216 664-3103 for more information and for reservations.

Visiting the Rockefeller Greenhouse:

The Rockefeller Greenhouse is easily accessible from both sides of Cleveland; it's just out of I-90 at MLK Blvd. The greenhouse is open daily from 10am to 4pm. Admission to the greenhouse is free.

Contact Information:

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
750 E 88th St.
Cleveland, OH 44108
216 664-3103

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