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The USS Cod is a retired World War II SS-224 submarine, moored at Cleveland's North Coast Harbor, near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The USS Cod, a National Historic Site, is the only such vessel to be kept intact and visitors climb the vertical ladders through its hatches, just as the sailors did during active duty.


The USS Cod was launched in March of 1943. The 1526-ton, 311-foot submarine saw five tours of duty during World War II and was credited with sinking twelve enemy ships. Later, the USS Cod was used for reconnaissance missions during the Cold War.

The USS Cod was decommissioned in 1971. In 1976, a group of Cleveland inventors brought her to Cleveland and opened the vessel to the public as a museum. The USS Cod is a memorial to the over 4000 service personnel who have died serving on US submarines.

Shore Exhibits:

On the shore beside the USS Cod are a Mark 14 steam-driven torpedo, the kind used in WWII. Also on shore is a 2080 lb, five-bladed propeller, the kind used on the USS Cod. Besides these is a vintage 1950s periscope, aimed at the Port of Cleveland.

Visiting the USS Cod:

The USS Cod is located in downtown Cleveland at North Coast Harbor, between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Burke Lakefront Airport. The attraction has limited free parking adjacent to the site, but asks that you use the adjacent public lot if you plan to visit other attractions nearby. Please note that because the USS Cod does not have visitor's walkways cut into it, it is not suitable for handicapped visitors or very small children.

Hours and Admission:

The USS Cod is open every day between May 1 and September 30. Hours are 10am - 5pm. Admission (2013 prices) is $10 for adults, $6 for seniors and veterans, and $6 for students and military personnel. Children under 6, wives and family members of active submariners and military personnel in uniform are free.

Restaurants Near the USS Cod:

A couple of blocks away from the USS Cod, inside the Galleria, is Cafe Sausalito, known for its excellent salads, burgers, and grilled items.

Hotels Near the USS Cod:

The USS Cod is within walking distance of major downtown hotels, such as the Renaissance Cleveland (check rates), the Ritz Carlton (check rates), and the Marriott Key Center (check rates). The Holiday Express and Suites (check rates) is another convenient option, particularly if you are also visiting the Great Lakes Science Center and/or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For less expensive accommodations, try one of the hotels at the I-77/Rockside Road corridor.

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