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Kings Island


Kings Island

Kings Island Amusement Park

(courtesy of Kings Island) Kings Island
(courtesy of Kings Island) The Firehawk at Kings Island

The Firehawk at Kings Island

(courtesy of Kings Island)

Kings Island, opened in 1972, is located 24 miles NE of Cincinnati, just off of I-71. The 364-acre family amusement park features 41 rides, including 14 coasters as well as a host of other attractions. A visit to Kings Island makes a nice weekend getaway from Cleveland. Admission to Kings Island also includes Boomerang Bay, a 15-acre water park.

The Rides:

Kings Island offers more than 40 rides, including 14 roller coasters. Highlights include the newest attraction, the Firehawk, a "flying" roller coaster purchased from NE Ohio's Geauga Lake. The park is also known for its wooden coasters, including the side-by-side Racers and the "Beast" and "Son of Beast."

Other Attractions at Kings Island:

In addition to the thrill rides, visitors to Kings Island can take a trip up to the top of the one-third scale Eiffel Tower, the park's symbol.

In addition, there are live shows, the kid-favorite "Nickelodeon Universe," and several water rides. Admission to Kings Island also includes entrance to the 15-acre Boomerang Bay water park.

Special Events:

Kings Island hosts a number of special events throughout the season. Among these are concerts, the annual Fourth of July celebration and fireworks, Run Kings Island, and the annual Halloween event.

Hours and Admission:

Kings Island is open from early May to early November each year. The park opens at 10am during the spring and summer and at 11am during the fall. Closing time varies by season.

2013 admission is $56.99 for adults ($32.99 if purchased online in advance) and $30.99 for those over 62 years and/or under 48". There is also a two-day pass for $56.99, which is good for any two days during the 2013 season. Season passes and Platinum passes (which include admission to all CedarFair parks, such as Cedar Point and Wildwater Kingdom)are also available.

Staying at Kings Island:

Kings Island is a little over a three-hour drive from Cleveland, straight down I-71. The area offers a number of places to stay, including the adjacent Kings Island Resort (check rates), hotels near Kings Island, and Morgan's Riverside Campground and Cabins (get more information), located just 10 minutes from the park.

Contact Information:

Kings Island
6300 Kings Island Drive
P.O. Box 901
Kings Island, OH 45034-0901
(800) 288-0808

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