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Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels

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Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels
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The Bottom Line

"Don of the Dead" is playful, crisp, and enjoyable. This first novel, featuring Pepper Martin -- a cemetery guide who sees "dead people" -- is a fun cozy Cleveland mystery.
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  • Fun, easy read
  • Filled with lots of Cleveland references
  • Written by a Cleveland author
  • An enjoyable first novel


  • Lags a little in the middle


  • Pepper Martin, a Cleveland cemetery guide, solves a 25-year-old murder mystery.
  • Pepper's likeable antics include attracting two beaus and a fair amount of danger.
  • Pepper's favorite places include Saks and various area eateries.

Guide Review - Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels

Don of the Dead's heroine, Pepper Martin is a tour guide at an historic Cleveland cemetery (very, very similar to Lake View Cemetery), a job she's been forced to take when her upper middle class surgeon father is sent to prison for embezzlement and her society-conscious fiance dumps her. After a bump on the head, Pepper meets Gus Scarpetti, the former head of a local crime family who died over 25 years ago.

Solving the Murder of Gus Scarpetti
Scarpetti, the ghost, pesters Pepper until she finally decides to help him solve his murder in front of a Little Italy eatery (Could it be Guarino's?) all those years before. The quest brings her two new beaus, danger, and more information than she ever wanted to know about the Scarpettis.

The Cleveland Connection
Don of the Dead is a fun cozy with a likeable heroine and a satisfying plot. Cleveland readers will find the lightly veiled local references fun and easy to identify. But, the novel is enjoyable for those not familiar with the North Coast as well.

About Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels is a Clevelander of a certain age, with a self-confessed passion for cemeteries. A lifelong Clevelander, daughter of a police officer, and former journalist, she brings a unique mix of experience to her writing. She counts Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle among her favorite mystery authors. Her second novel, The Chick and the Dead, will be published in the spring of 2007.
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