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Where to View Fall Foliage in Northeast Ohio


Vermont and New Hampshire may get more press, but residents of Northeast Ohio know that there is plenty of fall color in our part of the country. Leaves start their fall display in late September and continue on through October, with mid to late-October being the peak viewing time most years. Below are our favorite drives for viewing fall leaves.

Ashtabula County

(Courtesy of Coastal Ohio)
The extreme northeast corner of Ohio is one of the best places to view fall leaves. Try driving south on SR 534 from Geneva to Windsor. You'll be rewarded with miles of vineyards as well as two of the county's 17 covered bridges en route. Other scenic routes include SR 84 east from Madison to Ashtabula and SR 307 from SR 528 to Jefferson.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

(Courtesy of Ohio Dept of Travel and Tourism)
Ohio's only national park, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, is located between Cleveland and Akron and boasts some of the best displays of nature in our region. Autumn is no exception. Wherever you drive through the 33,000-acre park, you'll see bursts of color.

Geauga County

Geauga County, located south of Lake and Ashtabula counties, is another great place to view the fall leaves. This largely-rural county rewards visitors with scenic farms, rolling hills, Amish communities and a hosts of antique stores. Try SR 322 from Chagrin Falls to Chardon as well as Big Creek Park and Swine Park.

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