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Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz


From the Cleveland Museum of Art's "Icons of American Photography" exhibit
Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz

"Georgia O'Keeffe" by Alfred Stieglitz

(courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art)
Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864-1946)
Georgia O'Keeffe
23.9 cm x 19.3 cm
Gelatin Silver Print
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Gift of Cary Ross, 1935.52

Alfred Stieglitz, one of the pioneers of American photography, was married to artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Raised in both Germany and New York City, Stieglitz became the editor of "The American Amateur Photographer" in 1893, a job that gained him a huge audience for his work.

The much older Stieglitz was married to his first wife, Emily when he met O'Keeffe in 1916. By 1918, the pair was inseparable and Stieglitz devoted much of his work between 1918 and 1925 to photographing his new muse, O'Keeffe. They married in 1924, although Stieglitz continued to work in New York City while O'Keeffe remained in her native southwestern United States.

Stieglitz died in New York City in 1946 of a heart attack. His works are displayed in several major museums around the United States, in addition to the Cleveland Museum of Art.
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