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The Historic Churches of Tremont


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The Historic Churches of Tremont
The Historic Churches of Tremont

The Historic Churches of Tremont

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Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood is home to the largest concentration of historic churches in the country. Located just south of downtown, the area was settled in the early and mid-19th century by central and eastern European immigrants who brought with them their customs, culture and religion. Many of the churches they built still thrive today.

Tremont, bounded by Starkweather, W. 14th, and W. 11th Streets, has enjoyed a renaissance in the last decade. New condos, restoration projects, and a myriad of restaurants and art galleries have made the neighborhood one of Cleveland's most desirable.

Still, Tremont respects its history. The churches in the neighborhood range from Greek Orthodox to Lutheran to Polish Roman Catholic. These churches' onion domes and tall spires are a highlight of the Cleveland skyline. One church, St. Theodosius, was even featured in the 1970s movie, The Deer Hunter.

A walking tour of nine of these churches is an easy two-mile stroll. Join me for a tour of Tremont's historic churches. We start just south of Starkweather on E 14th St.

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