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Barberton, Ohio


Barberton, Ohio

A Typical Barberton Ohio House

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Barberton, Ohio

Belgrade Gardens Famous Lard Fried Chicken

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Barberton, Ohio

Lake Anna in Barberton

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Barberton, Ohio--known as the Magic City--is home to 27,899 residents. The layout of the city was purposely designed with the beautiful 10-acre Lake Anna Park at the center and industrial and residential districts beyond. Barberton residents enjoy many recreational parks and facilities, strategic Magic City layout, low crime, and famous Barberton fried chicken.


Barberton was designed as an industrial city. Three Akron associates purchased farm land in 1890. They had a ‘magic formula’ for transforming farm land into a successful industrial city. Barberton is known today as the ‘magic city’. The city was planned around being an industrial city with business and residential districts strategically placed. They designed the city to have the spring-fed lake--Lake Anna--at the center of it all. The first industry was the Barber’s National Sewer Pipe Company, employing 150 people in 1891.


According to the 2000 census, Barberton has 27,899 residents, 92% of whom are white, 5% African-American, and less than 1% Asian. In addition, 52% of Barberton residents are married. The median age is 38 and the median household income is $32,178.


Barberton is known for its fried chicken. What differentiates Barberton chicken from all other is the secret ingredient: lard. All Barberton chicken is fried in lard, giving it a delicious crisp, juicy (if not exactly fat-free) taste that will have you coming back for more. Among the best places to sample Barberton chicken are:

  • Belgrade Gardens
  • Whitehouse Chicken
  • Hopocan Gardens
Other restaurants include Parasson’s Italian Restaurant, Durbin Magic Freeze, and Sweet Henrie’s Ice Cream.


Shopping in Barberton:

Barberton residents are able to do most of their shopping without leaving the city. There are many convenient food markets as well as grocers: Giant Eagle, Save-A-Lot, and Barberton Food Mart. Other stores include K-Mart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Rite Aid, CVS, Ritzman Natural Health, and Walgreens Drug Store.


The Barberton Public Schools has a current enrollment of 4,052 students. The Ohio Department of Education has given them the rating of Continuous Improvement. Facilities include five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one senior high school.


Barberton offers many outdoor recreation opportunities. Kids and families have 14 parks from which to choose with five supervised parks during the summer months. There are also several ice skating rinks during winter months. The Barberton Community Foundation Sports Complex offers softball fields, soccer fields, walking paths, and a playground. Lake Anna Park offers fishing, walking trails, and beautiful scenery all year long.


The heart of Barberton is Lake Anna. Located downtown, Lake Anna offers a retreat from the business of downtown with a beautiful gazebo, paved walking trail around the lake and many festivals. The most popular festivals include the Mum Fest, Arts & Crafts Festival, and the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Famous Residents:

Country music singer, George Morgan was raised in Barberton. He was famous for his Number 1 hit, “Candy Kisses”. Glenn Davis began his track career at Barberton High School; he went on to be an Olympic medalist in 1974 in track and field.

Where to Stay in Barberton:

Lodging in Barberton is limited to a few small, owner-operated motels. Guests can find more lodging in nearby Akron. Barberton hotels include Casa Bella, Shamrock Motel, Berlin’s Motel, and the Village Inn.

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