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Akron Police Museum


Akron Police Museum - Akron Ohio

Akron Police Museum

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Confiscated weapons at Akron Police Museum - Akron Ohio

Confiscated weapons at Akron Police Museum

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'65 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle - Akron Police Museum - Akron Ohio

'65 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle

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The Akron Police Museum is an interesting place for children and adults alike, focusing on the history of the Akron Ohio Police Department with exhibits that go back to the 19th century. Admission to the museum is free and displays include 100 year-old photos, confiscated weapons, police equipment, uniforms, a 1965 Harley-Davidson police motorcycle, and so much more.


The Akron Police Museum is located in downtown Akron, in the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center. Outside the building, you will see the police memorial wall honoring officers who have given their lives in the performance of their duty. The memorial is etched with the names of the officers and has a continuously burning flame. Upon entering the building, you will first pass through a metal detector, then go to the fourth floor to the Police Community Relations office. A police officer will escort you and your group to the locked museum on the mezzanine level.

On Display at the Akron Police Museum:

The Akron Police Museum is interesting for children as well as adults who want to learn more about police work and the history of the Akron Police Department. Everything involving a crime and its prosecution is on display, including confiscated weapons, an extensive library of newspaper clippings of solved crimes, polygraph & breathalyzer machines, counterfeit money, and drug and other paraphernalia. Also on display are items that highlight the police force, such as police badges and patches, police equipment, uniforms, and awards.

History of the Akron Police Department:

The Akron Police Museum chronicles the history of the Akron Police Department back to the early 19th century., with photographs, equipment, badges, pins, plaques and uniforms. Notice how technology has changed many aspects of policing. There are photographs of the original police department building and patrol wagon. Plans are in the works to make a replica of the patrol wagon to be put on display.

The museum also houses cross directories that list addresses and the residents that live there that date back to 1831. Get an up close look at police uniforms on display as well as photos of officers that date back to the 1800's.

Solve the Crime:

Everything you need to solve a crime is on display. There are evidence display tables that include items found at real crime scenes and photos taken at the scene. The microscopes on display were once used to measure ballistics of gun shots. Examine the gun shot barrel up close, these were once used to fire guns into to see if a confiscated gun was what shot the bullet in a crime. Read through the report books of investigations, which notes the details of felony cases.


Read the details of crimes and their trails in the arrest books on display. View many confiscated weapons such as knives, spears, guns, mallets, nunchaku, spikes, brass knuckles, and many homemade weapons. One selection of guns has each gun tagged as to the crime committed with them, name of the offender, and what the sentence for their crime. There are also newspaper clippings of infamous Akron criminals and their fate.

Group Outings:

The Akron Police Museum is available for tours for schools, clubs, and other groups. Please call ahead for reservations.

Contact Information:

Akron Police Museum
217 South High Street, Mezzanine Level
Akron, Ohio 44308
The Akron Police Museum is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 330pm. Admission is free.

Getting There:

From the North (Cleveland): Take I-77 S to OH-59E; Exit 21C toward downtown Akron; turn right onto N. Hight S/OH-261W.

From the South (Canton): Take I-77 N to OH-8 N; Exit 125A toward Cuyahoga Falls; take the OH-59 W exit towards Perkins St./M.L. King Jr. Blvd. & Fwy.; stay straight onto Fountain St.; turn left onto Perkins St./OH-59; turn left onto N. Hight St./OH-261W.

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