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The Chapel in Akron Ohio

The Chapel in Akron Ohio

(courtesy of The Chapel)
Akron's mega church, The Chapel, has been reaching out to the Akron area for over 70 years. They added a Green location in 2003, becoming "one church with two locations."

The Chapel is a non-denominational church with the mission to "glorify Christ and do what He would do, obeying His great command to love and his great commission toward the world."

Children's Ministries:
The Chapel offers nursery and preschool programs during Sunday and Wednesday services. Sunday School programs are divided by grade levels and focus on biblical principles. Kids Worship happens each Sunday, teaching children how to worship and put the Bible into practice daily. All kids are encouraged to make a joyful noise in the choir, which holds performances throughout the year.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries:Ehko:S, the Jr. High Teens group meets weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays. Zero Automatic, the Senior High Teens have three choices of programs each Sunday that focus on topics involving world events, pop culture, and theological issues. These programs involve lively worship, Bible study, and small groups to build their faith.

Adult Ministries:
Adults from every avenue of life have a place at The Chapel. The church offers Sunday morning and midweek programs in friendly group settings. There are programs for young married people, families, empty-nester's, and more. The Chapel also has many ministries designed specifically for women, including programs on spiritual development, mothering, being a godly wife, and interest-based programs on knitting, shopping, among others.

The Men's Ministries include casual gatherings, Bible study, prayer partners, and outings. The Singles' Ministry at The Chapel is broken down into age groups in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and 55+.

The Chapel recognizes the need for missions at home and abroad. Among The Chapel's local ministries are Campus Crusade, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Love Akron, Reach Akron, The Way Out Jail Ministry, and Wellspring Cult Recovery Center to name a few. In addition, more than a quarter of the church's annual budget goes to overseas missions. Favorite projects include aid to the Dalit people of India and AIDS-stricken people of Mozambique.

For a complete schedule of services, refer to The Chapel's Web site.

Contact Information:
Akron Location:
135 Fir Hill
Akron, OH 44304

Green Location:
1800 Raber Rd.
Green, OH 44685

Web site: www.the-chapel.org

by Cindy Orley
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