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Sandy Mitchell

Sandy Mitchell

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Sandy Mitchell
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Sandy Mitchell has been a Northeast Ohio resident since 1980. After living in the city's Slavic Village neighborhood for more than 10 years, she moved to Geneva, in the heart of Ohio's wine country, where she's a homeowner, landlord, organic gardener, and avid promoter of all things to do with Northeast Ohio, its history, and its culture.


Sandy is a full-time freelance writer and a regular contributor about Cleveland events and attractions to Yahoo! local. Her work has been published in numerous print and Web publications including The Better Drink, Live Life Travel Magazine, USA Today.com, Trails.com, and Mahogany Magazine. Sandy's first book, "Cleveland's Little Italy," was published by Arcadia Publishing in 2008. Her second book, "Cleveland's Slavic Village" was published in 2009.


Sandy graduated from Bowling Green State University and she is currently studying art history at Case Western Reserve University as part of the Cleveland Museum of Art audit program.

By Sandy Mitchell:

I love the depth and richness of Cleveland culture. Our city is fortunate that we have embraced our differences rather than tried to rid ourselves of them. The result is a wealth of great and diverse restaurants, a lively theater and art scene, and a host of different and eclectic neighborhoods. I've lived and worked in Cleveland for more than two decades and I'm still discovering new and exciting things about the city. I hope to share these discoveries with you and encourage you to share your Cleveland experiences with me and the rest of our readers.


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